The Wonderful World of iPhone/Email Sync: How to attach your email to your iPhone?

In case you have ever wondered how but never done it before, here is a tutorial for you to walk through ‘how to add an email account to your iPhone’. Shall we begin?

If you’re like me and you work on the computer all day and your job depends on answering email; then, it might be a good idea if you were to attach your email to your phone so you don’t miss that ever important email. In the same way, you can attach your work calendar to your phone so you don’t miss an important meeting, job interview, or anniversary.

(Start by tapping ‘Settings’ menu in your iPhone…)






Tapping on ‘Settings’ will bring up the settings screen where you can select the next option that will get you one step closer to that meeting or appointment on time.

(Next, tap ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ to open up the next screen where you can choose to add a different account.)




Here are the details that are fetched whenever you tap ‘Mail, Contacts, Calenders’. As you can see I have already added two separate accounts to this iPhone. One account is my wife’s email and the other is the Help Desk email account for the school where I work.

(Tap ‘Add Account…’ to move on to the next level.)




Depending on the type of account you want to add to your iPhone you have many choices to choose from. Being that I am adding another email for my work I will choose ‘Microsoft Exchange’ the entity that the school I work for uses.

(Select the option that best suits your email.)





Here are the settings that are offered whenever you choose the ‘Microsoft Exchange’ option from the previous menu. Enter all the fields appropriately.

  1. Your full email address goes in the Email location,
  2. For my school the domain is not necessary,
  3. Enter your username that you use to log into your email in its appropriate place,
  4. The next field will be for your password that you use to login, and
  5. The Description will be whatever you want your email to be displayed as on your phone. My Exchange Account is set by default.
  6. Select Next to go to the next screen.


Your phone will say that it is verifying, but it will need a server to sync with. At which point you will gain an additional text box titled ‘Server’. In this location you will put in the server name for your email address.

You will need to contact your email provider to see what your email server is.


When your account finally verifies to your iPhone you will see this next screen. Initially, the calendar option will be set to off with the option to turn on as you see in this example.

I, however, have not opted to turn on my contacts list since in my organization there are more contacts than my iPhone can handle in its current memory capacity.


I hope that this information may prove useful to you; so, now there will be no excuse for why you didn’t receive that latest email and missed the ever allusive staff meeting. Oh my goodness! I just looked at my phone and I have a 4:30 meeting to go home! Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Christ ‘cause you know He died for you!

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