Wisdom for 2021

I’m so glad that God is God and I am not. Where 2020 was a time of shaking; 2021 will be a time of R.O.I. 

2020 might have caused you to lose faith. 

2020 might have caused you to grow into deeper places of faith. 

2020 might have caused your relationships to become estranged.

2020 might have caused your relationships to draw closer to one another than ever before.

2021 looks hopeful because it is not 2020. Full disclosure, 2021 will come with its own problems, struggles, and challenges. Jesus said to not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have its own troubles. If we invest in the present, then we will have something to look forward to in the future. What you sow into the metaphorical fields of your life now will be reaped at its appointed time.

Whatever your position, remember, the right does not hold the answers, nor, does the left have a clue what to do. God is at the center! He is neither right nor left. Remember he has a conservative son in his house and a liberal son out blowing through his trust fund, but in the end there is a seat for both at the table.

The prodigal did not get more than the loyal son. The loyal son does not deserve more because he never left his father’s side. The loyal son had the same right and access to the inheritance of the Father like the prodigal. The loyal son had the ability to fatten his own calf anytime he wanted as often as he wanted. ALL THAT IS IN THE HOUSE BELONGS NOT ONLY TO THE FATHER BUT ALSO TO THE CHILD no matter if the child is prodigal or loyal. God reigns over the just and unjust alike and loves them the same. After all, what does John 3:16 say? God so loved the world. Not MY world. Not YOUR world. God love THE world in its entirety. That he gave his only son as a sacrifice that whoever would fix their gaze upon him would have a full, rich, and eternal life.

What did Abraham tell Isaac about the LORD? That he would provide HIMSELF a lamb.

What did Moses do in the wilderness when the Israelites were suffering from the debilitating, deadly, and overwhelming snake bites?

God said to make a bronze snake, wrap it around the top of a pole, so that WHOEVER would look upon it would be healed and live.

Why are you worried? Why are you stressed? God has this. He has always had this. He has never forgotten you. Who by worrying has added one day to their life, or one inch to the height of their stature?

You are not Atlas forced to hold up the sky, or as in modern times depicted as holding the world on his shoulders. The hand of God is far bigger and far more capable to hold up the problems of this world and spin its orbit without our consultation.

Rest in knowing that God is God and you are not. Rest in knowing that he has this though it does not feel that way at times. God is still good. God is still on the throne. God has this and most important he can have you too!

The most important thing to remember is that love is on the move when the Father’s in the room.

Peace, love, and Christ ’cause you know that he died for you!

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